Four days travel and not there yet
2017. July 06. 15:36
Moscow is not that far. But now it is! The service team of the Opel Dakar Team together with the Qualisport’s truck team has been travelling for four days. As we reported earlier, the guys started on Monday early morning to arrive in time for the technical and administrative scrutineerings of the Silk Way Rally. It seems that the organizers will only open the on Friday because of them.   
They followed the usual route on the Polish-Belarus border, but they could not get through (further documents were requested at the border, then they were requested to leave there the used tires, finally police car lead was offered). After twenty-four hours of wasted time the crew decided to turn back. After making an extra thousand-kilometer-long detour through Lithuania and Latvia the trucks arrived to the Russian border. Thursday early afternoon they only had to fill in further documents to enter Russia and a couple minutes after 4 pm they got the stamp to go. There they were only 650 kilometers away from the Luzniki Stadium, Moscow, where the field of the Silk Way Rally waits them.   
In the meantime, the racers arrived to the Luzniki. Balázs Szalay and László Bunkoczi started the administrative checks with the confidence of experienced racers. To finish that at least by the time the guys arrive.
“I am not nervous, because now it is almost sure that the guys arrive in time and we can start the race on Friday afternoon. Certainly, it would be cozier, if they were already here and could take a rest before the long drive. The race is nearly ten thousand kilometer long, so there are many kilometers ahead, not only behind them. I am very excited about the start at the Red Square, it is a great experience every year” said Balázs Szalay.
The Miklós Kovács, Péter Czeglédi, László Ács Scania trio finished the mandatory paperwork on Thursday and they also wait for the Hungarian formation, which jointly heads towards Moscow.

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