Long detour to Moscow
2017. July 05. 16:21
The Hungarian formation turned back from the Belarus border and reaches Moscow, where the Silk Way Rally starts through Lithuania and Latvia.
Their main profile is problem solving. Every they have to face something new, they have never met before. Just as usual. The service team of the Opel Dakar Team left for the Silk Way Rally together with the Qualisport team. The original plan was to follow the Poland, Belarussia, Russia route, as they did in the past years. But ma proposes, bad tempered Belarus border guard disposes… 
The team stranded more than twenty-four hours at the Belarus border, because the guards always asked something from the guys. First, the official documents were not sufficient in Hungarian and English, an official Russian translation was requested. Than the guards offered to leave the used tires there and they keep them safe for good money until the team returns. Later police car lead was also offered for a higher amount. Finally, no deal was made, but the time was ticking, a decision had to be made.  

The two Hungarian teams turned back from the border and headed towards Lithuania and Lavia to arrive to Moscow with a great detour. Hopefully, in time. 

“This is our fifth Silk Way Rally and we always approached Moscow through Belorussia in the previous years. This time this will change, because the guys waited for almost two days at the border, but could not get through” reported the pilot of the Opel Dakar Team, Balázs Szalay. “First, they asked for the documents in Russia, we had them in Hungarian and English. Certainly, with official translation, that would not have arrived in time. Then we were told, that used tires cannot be taken into the country, the guards offered to store them for a relatively high price and we can pick them up on the way back. Then, they wanted to lead us with a police car, so we cannot unload anything from our truck in their country. Finally, the guys did not make a deal with the guards, because the time was running and they decided to return and reach Moscow with a long detour through Lithuania and Latvia. I hope they arrive in time, because it is a long way.”

The organizers of the Silk Way Rally help whenever they can. Now the greatest help is that they wait for the Hungarians until they have time. Now the good relation counts a lot, what the racers have with the organizers. 
“The Belarus border was a hard one even in the past years, but this situation was greatly disappointing” added Miklós Kovács. “The guys returned and chose another way. We notified the organizers that we will hopefully arrive still in time for the scrutineerings, they reassured that everything will be fine. I hope that this was the mandatory mishap and nothing else will happen in the continuation.”
The Silk Way Rally’s administrative and technical checks end on Thursday evening, but it opens on Friday for the Hungarians, if necessary. The official start ceremony will be held on Friday evening at the Red Square and the first measured stretch will take place on Saturday. 

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