Team’s co is Hungarian rally champion
2017. October 18. 09:45

The co-pilot of the Opel Dakar Team, László Bunkoczi used his knowledge in another division, in rallying (as for brand loyalty, with an Opel Adam R2) and with Zsolt Hoffer pilot on the Mecsek Rally this weekend they obtained the Hungarian championship title in the field of two-wheel drives, or in 2WD category. 
It was not an easy season. Last June the car got wrecked it was hard to put together the budget. The pair worked together well from the very first minute and on that single race weekend when Bunkoczi was not available (on the Fehérvér Rally) László Bagaméri was reading the itinerary to Zsolt Hoffer. 

It was very positive, that we managed to achieve great part result, won stages and finally races. On the narrow and demanding stretches they could even surprise the racers with bigger race cars. 
“Everyone noticed and our competitors were surprised that we became much faster compared to the previous year” stated Zsolt Hoffer, the pilot of the BRSE Hungarian Police Rallye Team. “Which was my favorite race of this season? Unequivocally, the Mecsek Rally. We did not only win the event on that legendary race course but we managed to win over the championship title as well. We had hard moments, we started both race days with a loosened right front wheel, additionally, after a tire change I did not fix the foot of the lifter and it slid under my leg at the middle of the stage, so we made the selective more interesting for ourselves. Somehow I managed to get the iron rod out of my leg and from that on Laci held it I his hand till the finish. Everyone can imagine how happy he was for this present. But all well that ends well: we got the championship title and we are both very proud of it. 

Concerning László Bunkoczi, he returned back to his roots, because he started his co-pilot career in rallying, but later he was seduced by desert racing and became known together with Balázs Szalay in the international field. But he returns every once in a while to rallying, and now he saw challenge in this season. All signs show that the invested energy worth it.

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