The career of Balázs Szalay and his teem is soundly and unstoppably going upwards for fifteen years, the team is proud of its fleet which
includes four race cars, one race truck, three service trucks and a VIP bus. Szalay established the team, that was called Szalay Dakar Express Team in 1995 and his first car, a Chevrolet Blazer was prepared in Frank Papp’s American workshop for the first desert challenge, the 1996 Dakar Rally. They raced together that time with Frank, but the tournament only lasted for six days for them. 

A milestone followed the first Dakar success: Szalay was indecisive about the future for a while, as he had accomplished his aim, to complete the world’s most difficult car tournament. But finally, they decided to continue. They started the construction of a completely new car with Baba Gál that was ready for the 2002 edition. But they had an unlucky year again, though they already had a service truck with three mechanics, even the spare gear broke after 4800 km and they had to give up the race. 

After all these experiences Szalay started thinking about factory sponsorship and contracted with the Opel in April 2003. In January 2004 he stood at the start line with an Opel Frontera and with a new co-pilot, László Bunkoczi. And this is the setup since and the Szalay-Bunkoczi pair is achieving better and better scores on the desert challenge and they have completed the demanding desert race together every time. The team was expanding fast afterwards, brand new cars and trucks came and the Szalay-squad became more professional on the Dakar. In 2012 January, the team was standing again at the start of the Dakar Rally and in spite if all technical hardships he achieved the best result in his life, he finished on the 20th position. In the next July (2012) Szalay and Bunkoczi finished on the brilliant 2th place at the famous Silkway Rally in Russia, it was a good preparation for the Dakar 2013.
Dakar Rally
Year Car Co pilot Rank
1996 Chevrolet Frank Papp disq.
1998 Curt Le Duc disq.
2000 Jakab Tamás 59.
2002 Palik László disq.
2003 Laklóth Aladár disq.
2004 Opel Frontera Bunkóczi László 52.
2005 21.
2006 29.
2007 Opel Antara 35.
2009 22.
2012 20.
2013 Opel Mokka 24.

Silk Way rally
Year Car Co pilot Rank
2012 Opel Antara Bunkóczi László 2.
2013 Opel Mokka 8.
2016 48.

Africa Race

Year Car Co pilot Rank
2014 Opel Mokka Bunkóczi László 18.
2015 disq.
2016 13.
Africa Race 2017
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